Alaska Auto TransportCar transport to or from Alaska can be a real pain if you’re trying to do it on the cheap, because, to be quite frank, Alaska auto transport services are anything but cheap. But it’s because the entire process is much more involved, from start to finish, and takes a lot more time and a lot more effort on the behalf of several different shipping companies. Auto transportation to or from Alaska involves shipping your vehicle overseas, which is an entirely different sort of vehicle transportation method. In this article we’ll discuss how auto transport to Alaska works – at least how we do it – and how you can make everything easier on us and on yourself during the process.

Like all other auto transportation services, Alaska auto transport starts with your quote. Quotes for Alaska auto transport services work different than regular car transport rates; for starters, you’re getting a quote for the total price, and that includes all shipping prices – ours, the truck’s, and the port shipper’s. These will all end up (most likely) costing well over a thousand dollars, so be prepared to budget accordingly. We won’t shrink away and say we can get you cheap car transport quotes to Alaska, because it just doesn’t work like that.

We make sure that your vehicle will move in a timely manner, though, and that makes all the difference in the world. Alaska auto transport is a timely process, even if you use door to door car transport to ship your vehicle from your pickup location to the port. We’ll hire an auto transport carrier to pick your vehicle up wherever it currently is, regardless of if it’s on the east coast or the Midwest or along the Gulf coast, and that transporter will take it to the port in Seattle, Washington. From there, it’ll be taken by the shipping company at the port and stored in their auto transport terminal until the vehicle is loaded onto the cargo ship and transported overseas to the port in Alaska.

We can get you quotes to ship to several different ports in Alaska, including Anchorage (the main port), Fairbanks and Juneau. Each port, however, has its own prices, and transport services to Anchorage are typically going to be the cheapest of the three – but it really depends on where in Alaska you’re looking to ship to. Regardless of which port you’re shipping to, though, you’ll need to pick your vehicle up at the port in Alaska – there are no carriers that we can contract with to ship it anywhere within the state.

You can fill out our free online car transport quote request form and get a quote e-mailed to you over the next hour or so. If you leave your telephone number with us we can also call you to explain the process and your quote in more detail, if you’d like, or you can call us at our toll-free number and speak to a live transport representative yourself. You can get a verbal quote over the phone as well.