If you’ve worked in the automotive industry for any length of time, you know what a used car auction is like, and you most likely know who the major nationwide auction houses are, but in case you don’t work in the automotive industry, here’s a quick rundown of the industry and, more specifically, how you can obtain auction car transport services for vehicles that you purchase from these nationwide auto auctions.

To start, there are two main auto auctions when it comes to large-scale auto auctions, and those are Manheim and CoPart. These are the two most well-known and respected auto auction companies in the industry, and they use a lot of car transport cross country services all the time. Their auctions are typically run online, where customers from around the world can bid on vehicles for sale at the auction house. Many people prefer shopping for things online – why should shopping for a vehicle be any different?

We’re going to assume that since you’re reading this article you have some interest in acquiring auction car transport services, which means you’re probably buying a vehicle from either a Manheim auction or a CoPart auction. If you are buying from an auction, you’ll want to arrange transport as quickly as possible if you won a vehicle, because the auction houses will only keep the vehicle for a few days for you. Car transport carriers can be difficult to find at times, and while some auction houses are more lenient than others, especially if they deal with car transporters on a regular basis – and many do, because it’s common for vehicles at the auction house to need to be shipped to their new owners – they won’t wait forever.

Auction Car Transport Services

Some auction houses may even have their own lists of car transporters that they’ve worked with and recommend that you can peruse if you would like. Plenty of car shippers offer auction car transport services – indeed, there are few that don’t, considering that the Manheim and CoPart auto auctions are pretty big as far as used car auctions go. Their names are well-respected in the online used vehicle industry, and their recommendations in terms of auction car transport services available to their customers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Chances are they’ll even have some type of frequent-shipper deal with certain shipping companies; that’s actually pretty common.

Many car transporters like to setup deals like that, because they’re great for their customers’ wallets, meaning an increase in sales, as well as for any carrier physically hauling the vehicle from the auction, because they’re running a regular route that allows them to keep to a steady schedule. For many interstate carriers, it’s nice being able to run specific routes on a timely basis because it gives them the consistency in terms of income that they can drop their prices a little bit, ensuring continued business at a high level.

Ultimately, what shipper you book with for your auction car transport services is entirely up to you, but you should know that we’ve done our fair share of car transport from auction houses across the country, and we can provide you with a free shipping quote for your auto transport needs. Just fill out our free form and you’ll be contacted by one of our friendly representatives – or call us and get a hold of them yourself, without having to wait. Either way, check out our prices, our staff, and find what we here at Car Transport Express can do for you and your auction car transport needs.