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Are you looking for a quote to ship your car, but don’t know where to start? You should start with us here at Car Transport Express, because we’re one of the best shippers in the industry and we’re dedicated to giving you the best car shipping service we can possibly give you for your time and money. Our experience staff members are highly trained in all things auto transport and they know what it takes to move your vehicle in a safe and timely manner.

You can call them up and ask any questions that you may have, and you can get a quote right over the phone if you ask for one – you’ll need to give us some information first, such as where you’re shipping from and to and what you’re shipping, but that’s pretty basic stuff that anyone will ask for if they’re trying to calculate a quote for you. You can read more about how to get a hold of us on our Contact US page, and you can get a free quote by clicking on that big orange button to the left there.

Do you like auctions, or are you buying a vehicle from an auction? If so, you’re probably going to want to take a look at our auction car transport services and how they work, as well as how you can take advantage of certain things in the car transport industry to help you save a buck or two when it comes to shipping your vehicle – at the very least, to make your auto shipping experience better than ever.

Most customers who are looking for auction transport services bought a car from an online auction and are now looking to ship it from the warehouse where the vehicle is being stored back to them. You can find some good deals on transporters shipping from auction warehouses because they’re probably going to be shipping a grip of vehicles at once, which will only help you keep your costs lower. You can contact our helpful staff to learn more about our services and get a quote, and you can read our Auction Car Transport Services page for more information as well.

Car Transport Tips: Overseas Auto Shipping

When it comes to overseas car transport services, you could end up paying a lot more than you bargained for if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Auto shipping overseas is expensive and can take upwards of a month, if things are done properly, but it’s definitely worth the price. We here at Car Transport Express can ship your vehicle overseas to both Alaska and Hawaii, and provide excellent overseas auto shipping rates for your specific needs.

Overseas car shipping is done primarily on overseas cargo ships capable of handling a lot of cargo at one time, and they transfer vehicles from the port in Seattle (or Tacoma) to the port, which is usually in Honolulu (for Hawaii shipments) and Anchorage (when you’re shipping to Alaska). They can service other ports in Alaska or Hawaii, of course, but that may affect your overall transportation price. To learn more about overseas auto shipping and our overseas transport services, you can read our helpful Overseas Auto Shipping article.

Car Transport 101: Open Carriers

In our new Car Transport 101 blog series we’re going to discuss some of the various parts of the auto transport industry, so you can get a better understanding of how it works and be better prepared come transport time. We’re going to start off with open carriers, the most common type of shipper in the industry today.

Open carriers are often the least expensive and the most readily available transportation provider out there. Though there are several options to choose from in terms of your auto carrier, open carriers provide reliable and safe transportation services for a wide variety of cars, trucks and SUV’s. They are definitely cheaper than open carriers and are more readily available than either enclosed or flatbed transporters, which makes them the go-to carrier in the industry. You can read more about open carriers via our informative Open Car Transport Carriers article.

Car Transport Tips: Transport Time

How long it will take for your vehicle to be transported, after it’s picked up, depends highly on where you’re shipping from and to, and unlike pickup times it’s really non-negotiable – it’s going to take however long it’s going to take, because car transport carriers can’t travel more than the speed limits allow and they can only drive for so many hours a day. This makes it difficult for them to make long transport trips in a few days. Typically, transport trips of less than two hundred miles, depending on scheduling, can be done in 1-2 days, and it will increase from there depending on the distance they need to travel. Cross-country trips, like from New York City to Los Angeles, can take upwards of two weeks.

If you’re shipping across the country, plan on it taking at least a week to ten days, and you can scale down depending on your specific transportation cities if you aren’t shipping coast-to-coast. You can read more about how long it will take to transport your vehicle via our helpful car shipping FAQ page, and you can also call our office for more information regarding travel times.

Car Transport Tips: Shipping Items in the Car

If you’re transporting a vehicle with a car transportation company, they’re probably going to tell you one of three things in regards to putting items in the vehicle:

1. Yes, you can, but only up to the windows and only under 50-100 pounds.

2. Yes, but only in the trunk and only under 50-100 pounds.

3. No.

The reason the answer varies by company is because each car shipper has its own list of preferred shippers that it uses, and those shippers each have their own policies when it comes to shipping items in a vehicle. The most common one, by far, will be answer number 2, because car transport carriers aren’t licensed to carry household goods and as such have to make sure that there’s nothing in the cab of any vehicle they’re shipping, lest they get hit with fines and delays and the like.

You can read more about putting items in your vehicle during transport at our helpful Car Transport FAQ page, and you can read other frequently asked questions posed by real customers to our experienced staff of car transporters over the years.

A Look at our Limousine Shipping Services

Our limousine shipping services are rolled into our car transport services, but as limousines are a lot longer and built differently than a normal sedan, there are going to be differences when it comes to shipping a limousine as well. Because of their length, most limousines will require flatbed vehicle shipping services, which are pretty expensive and can be difficult to find. Be sure to have all the dimensions of the limousine on-hand when you call our office for a quote, because we may end up needing them if the year, make and model are not specific enough. we want to give you the best auto transport quote for your specific needs, and the more information we have the more accurate our quote to you will be. If you’re interested in shipping your limousine, read more about the process at our Limousine Shipping Services page.

Terminal-to-Terminal Car Transport and You

When you’re looking for cheap auto transport quotes, terminal-to-terminal is usually a good way to go about shipping your car for not a lot of money, but there are some drawbacks to it. For starters, terminal-to-terminal usually takes longer, because many carriers don’t like shipping to or from a terminal unless they absolutely have to, so your car will probably be waiting a bit longer than with door to door transport. But the prices are definitely lower, and if you’re not worried about how long your shipment will take it shouldn’t be too much of a big deal. Terminals are not insured, however, so you should speak to your car transport representative about which specific terminal you need to take your car to and what types of security measures they take to secure the vehicles they are housing. You can read more about terminal-to-terminal transport by visiting our helpful Terminal-to-Terminal Car Transport page.

Since the Ford Ranger is no longer being sold in the North American market, the Ford Motor Company has yet to name a replacement for its once-popular compact pickup. And according to Ford, they don’t want to – based on studies conducted by the company, Americans aren’t interested in another Ranger; studies show that they would most likely gravitate to the larger F-150. But the Ranger is still a big seller in other parts of the world, and some have speculated that Ford might go ahead and try to re-introduce a new vehicle into the North American market to capture some of that market share.

But Ford has hinted that they may go in an entirely different direction. Honda’s Ridgeline combo truck was a large inspiration, Ford officials have said, in terms of their decision to go in a new direction. Though the project is still speculative, there have been reports that Ford engineers are cooking something new up to compete with the Chevy Colorado, among others in that class. So what will they do? Chances are they’re working on what some are dubbing the new F-100, a model name that hasn’t seen use since the 1960′s.

Car transport companies aren’t usually interested in speculating about new models that may or may not see the light of day, but there’s an interesting correlation nonetheless; the Ford Motor Company’s F-Series is one of the most popular pickup lines in the U.S., and many are shipped across the U.S. by car transport carriers every year. As new models are introduced, the numbers change, and right now the time is ripe for Ford to introduce a new vehicle into that particular market. Will it succeed? A good indicator is in the raw shipping data, because if there are a lot of new vehicles moving across the country, it typically indicates success in terms of sales. Not always, but usually.

Anyway, an interesting little piece of information to start your day off. Or end it, whichever.

Car Transport Tips: Payment Options

When it comes to paying for your car transport, there are a few different ways to go about it. For starters, most major companies will take a credit card, and that’s usually the best way to go about it because it’s the easiest for all parties involved. If you’d rather pay with a check by phone, some companies will have the capabilities of doing so, but not all; some may have you simply mail the check it, or fax a photocopy of it first and then send it, so they have copies. And this is just for the deposit, or what your shipping company will make; the rest of your shipment typically will be paid to the driver upon delivery. Carriers will only accept cash, cashier’s checks or money orders; no personal checks. This is because car transport carriers can’t worry about payments they take bouncing while they’re busy driving around the country, so operating on what is essentially a what-you-see-is-what-you-got basis works well for how they operate.

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