There are several different types of car transport carriers that travel on all the different major interstates that criss-cross the country, and finding out which one you’re looking for specifically can be a real challenge. In this helpful article we’ll provide links to detailed articles that cover all the major car transport carriers that operate today, what types of services they offer and how each one can provide the car transport services that you’re looking for.

Open Car Transport CarriersOpen Car Transport Carriers

We can get you quotes for door to door car transport via an open car transport carrier, which is typically regarded as the standard method of car transport in the industry today. Most every auto shipping company out there will tell you that their barebones auto transport package includes door to door transportation services via an open car shipper.


Enclosed Car Transport CarriersEnclosed Car Transport Carriers

If you’re thinking of shipping your vehicle with an enclosed carrier, you should know that it’s going to be anywhere from 35-50% more expensive than an open carrier on the same route. This is because enclosed shippers aren’t as common, like we mentioned, and they ship less vehicles, but they travel the same routes as open shippers.


Flatbed Vehicle ShippersFlatbed Vehicle Shippers

Flatbed shipping services are going to be more expensive, on the whole, than open or enclosed shippers, mainly because they only haul larger vehicles and are used to transporting heavier vehicles that cost a lot more in fuel consumption to transport.


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