Car Transport Cross CountryWhen you’re looking for car transport cross country, it’s important to understand the logistical implications of transporting a vehicle across such a large distance. Roughly 3,000 miles from coast-to-coast, the U.S. is full of hundreds of interstate highways, criss-crossing in many different parts of the country, and car transport carriers that are running routes that cross the country will utilize many different interstates along their journey.

Most customers, when they’re looking for car transport cross country, are most concerned about the price, and understandably so; it’s common knowledge that the further you ship a vehicle, the more you’re going to have to pay, and cross country transportation typically is going to cost the most. When car shippers calculate their car transport cross country prices, they will oftentimes use a mileage chart that gives them a good idea of how much a carrier is charging per-mile on specific routes. So if you’re going 2,700 miles, say, a shipping company will charge, baseline, maybe $.25 per mile, whereas if you’re going 300 miles, they may charge $.95 a mile. Those are completely made-up figures, of course, and as they change pretty frequently it’s a good idea to let your car transport company come up with the price. But still, we believe in informing our customers.

So car transport cross country will cost less per mile, on average, but it’ll still total out to be pretty expensive. In summer months, car transport services cross country prices may be higher, because there is higher demand for cross country transportation, and certain cities such as New York City and Los Angeles can be even more expensive to ship in and out of, depending on the weather and overall demand for carriers going in and out. These are important factors, and while they change often they can have an impact on your cross country transport prices. We recommend speaking to your car shipping representative about these types of factors, especially if you’re moving in or out of a highly-populated area.

Going back to the overall pricing, make sure that you’re budgeting your car transport cross country effectively. The best way to go about budgeting is to acquire some car transport cross country quotes ahead of time – we recommend anywhere from 8-12, because it’ll give you a good baseline in terms of what you’re going to be paying out. From there, you can budget accordingly, and remember that most of the time car transport cross country is going to cost anywhere from $800 – $1200 on average, though that is a rough estimate that should be taken with a pretty large grain of salt.

You can get a free car transport cross country quote from our experienced and friendly representatives by filling out our free online car transport quote request form. Whether you’re shipping from New England to the west coast, or Florida to Seattle, we can get you a competitive and accurate car transport cross country quote with some basic information. And if you’d like more information from us, you can give us a call anytime at our toll-free telephone number, which you can dial and speak to one of our friendly and informative car shipping experts. So fill out our free form or give us a quick call and find out what we can do for you and all your car transport needs.