Car Transport RatesCar transport rates are as varied as the number of auto transport companies in this crazy industry of ours. Each auto shipper out there has their own pricing method, their own formulas and calculations and cheat sheets, and no two car transport rates are ever truly the same. You could get a hundred different quotes from a hundred different companies and there’d only be a handful that would be the same. Sure, you get your doubles, but with all the different variables and pricing methods, car transport rates are anything but guaranteed.

But when you need to get your car shipped, there’s nothing else you can do but pick one and hope you pick the right one. Well, we here at Car Transport Express feel that you should pick us – not out of any sense of personal loyalty or anything, but because we feel we have the best car transport rates and offer the best car transport services out of all the other shippers in the industry. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should take our word for it – you should read this helpful article and find out how we go about compiling and calculating your specific car transport rates.

If you click on that big button to the left of this article that says “Get Your Free Quote” you’ll be taken to our online car shipping quote request form. It’s pretty straightforward, and we can get you quotes for any type of auto transport service that is currently available, including terminal to terminal car transport and flatbed vehicle shipping services.

We use your pickup and delivery cities and the year make and model – plus any specific type of shipping method you ask for, such as enclosed car transport – and plug that into our super-secret car transport rate calculator that will give us a preliminary quote. From there, we’ll look at specific factors that can raise or lower your car transport rates. Examples of this include the weather in the pickup and delivery cities, what season it is, how far your pickup or delivery address is from an interstate highway.

They may seem like little nitpicky things, but these factors can make or break your car transport experience. Carriers don’t like traveling into snowy areas, so during the winter months prices to many northern cities might increase by $100 or more, depending on the city, and if we didn’t factor that in your vehicle wouldn’t be picked up because we quoted it wrong. Those are the little things that we think about that a lot of other shippers don’t, and it makes for a better auto shipping experience overall.

You can fill out our free form by clicking on that button, like we mentioned, and you can also call us at our toll-free telephone number and connect with one of our live, friendly car transport representatives. They can take all your information over the phone and calculate your free car transport rates while you wait, and you can ask questions about your specific rates, your shipping details, ask questions, and more.