If you’re transporting a vehicle with a car transportation company, they’re probably going to tell you one of three things in regards to putting items in the vehicle:

1. Yes, you can, but only up to the windows and only under 50-100 pounds.

2. Yes, but only in the trunk and only under 50-100 pounds.

3. No.

The reason the answer varies by company is because each car shipper has its own list of preferred shippers that it uses, and those shippers each have their own policies when it comes to shipping items in a vehicle. The most common one, by far, will be answer number 2, because car transport carriers aren’t licensed to carry household goods and as such have to make sure that there’s nothing in the cab of any vehicle they’re shipping, lest they get hit with fines and delays and the like.

You can read more about putting items in your vehicle during transport at our helpful Car Transport FAQ page, and you can read other frequently asked questions posed by real customers to our experienced staff of car transporters over the years.

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