Cheap Car Transport QuotesIf you’re looking for a car transport company, chances are you’re also in the market for cheap car transport quotes. And everyone is – everyone wants to get the best deal they can on their car transport whether it’s cross country car transport services or something closer – and there’s really nothing wrong with that. But, there are some things where it’s actually better to spend the extra money and get a decent service. Just like with certain products, certain services just aren’t as good at lower prices, and cheap car transport quotes falls under this category. And in this helpful article you’ll learn why.

For starters, cheap car transport quotes implies low prices, and while low prices are sometimes okay, it all depends on who’s shipping your vehicle. Most car transport companies move their customer’s vehicles by searching for and contracting with private car transport carriers, as opposed to operating their own fleet. The benefits of this system are explained in a different article, but suffice it to say most car shippers you’re going to be dealing with (including us here at Car Transport Express) operate on that same principle.

When a car transport company books freight with an independent carrier, they have to abide by the car transport rates that the carriers set, because at the end of the day the carrier physically moves the vehicle from Point A to Point B. Car transport companies will typically monitor routes that their customers are needing transport on and base their prices off of average prices being charged by the carriers on those specific routes.

This is where the idea of cheap car transport quotes starts to break down, because not all companies monitor route prices as well as others. Some are, in fact, pretty lazy, and barely monitor it at all, and it’s those companies that end up sending out quotes that are too low for the carriers to actually move them at, so your vehicle won’t get picked up because no carrier will pick it up at such a low price. Many companies will try to offer you “guaranteed car transport” services at a lower price than normal – don’t be fooled by them!

These types of companies like to give out what are called “lowball’ prices to entice you to book with them, but then they end up upping the price once you pay them their deposit because they don’t actually want to ship your car, they just want your money. With any legitimate car transport company, they’ll price your vehicle to move. Sometimes companies can make honest mistakes with their pricing – for instance, if there’s a sudden jump in fuel prices, auto transport prices are going to go up right away and it does take companies a week or so to change their prices – that’s a lot of routes to re-price!

But going with the lowest of the cheap car transport quotes is usually a bad idea. Gathering multiple quotes is generally recommended, to allow you to establish a decent baseline in terms of what your car shipping rates should be. You can fill out our free online car transport quote request form, or give us a quick, toll-free call to receive a free quote from us if you’d like as well. We’re pretty confident in our prices, so if you want to shop around feel free to do that too. But the more quotes you get, the better off you’ll be, and we guarantee that.