If you’re in the market for classic car transport services, you should probably keep reading. In this helpful and informative article about classic car transport, we’ll talk about the best method of car transport for your classic car, as well as some of the things that you’ll need to be aware of in terms of overall price, carrier availability, and more. So keep reading if you’re interested in getting the best possible car transport experience for your classic car as you can.

Most customers shipping a classic car are shipping it because they finally bought their dream car, that one car that they’ve wanted all their lives. Most men have one, and many women too, and finding it amid all the other vehicles available to buy online can take a long time. But when you finally do, it’s a dream come true, and most customers don’t want to risk the vehicle getting damaged. If you’re looking for classic car transport for a beautifully restored classic car, or simply one that is in near-mint condition, enclosed car transport services are probably going to be best for you.

Classic Car TransportEnclosed transportation is a great method for classic car transport because the vehicle is completely enclosed in a safe container that protects it from all manner of debris flying around on the open highway. Most transporters operate an open auto transport carrier, and while that’s just fine for everyday vehicles, it takes a special carrier to truly protect your classic car. Enclosed transport is more expensive than open transport, but it’s definitely worth it if the vehicle is.

But there are also those customers who find their dream car in a state of disrepair, and would rather ship a junker to them to fix it up as opposed to spending the cash on a pristine model. And that’s fine. If you’re one of these types of customers, open transport would be just fine for your vehicle, because it’s not pristine, it’s either not running, needs a lot of work, or at the very least needs a fresh coat of paint, and if your classic car has any of those needs, open transport would be just as safe as enclosed transport. You can find great cheap car transport quotes for these types of vehicles, though it may take some digging.

But we understand that at the end of the day, which method of transport you want for your classic car transport experience is entirely and completely up to you. And that’s why we offer both open and enclosed car transport services for all manners of vehicles that our customers need to ship. But when it comes to classic car transport, it’s best to go with what you’re most comfortable with in terms of your budget and the exact safety requirements you feel your vehicle needs. This article is just a baseline for you to follow, a quick guide to help you choose the right transport for your classic car transport needs.

You can fill out our free online quote request form and get a free door-to-door car transport¬†quote for your vehicle from our friendly and experienced car shipping staff, and if you’re unsure as to which type of transport would be best for your needs, you can give us a call and ask! Our friendly representatives can help guide you on the path of great car transport, and we value our customers more than we value our bottom line. We’ll do what we can to find you the best car transport services for your vehicle and your budget, but you gotta call us or fill out our form first, because if you don’t, how are we going to know you want to ship your car?