Over the past few weeks, diesel prices have skyrocketed, leaving many nationwide transporters in every logistical sector gripping tightly to their wallets, anxiously wondering if it’ll slow down. Topping $4.00 per gallon in many areas of the country now, diesel prices being as high as they are will definitely have an effect on the car transport industry – more specifically, its prices. Fuel is one of the most important costs for any car transport carrier and how much they pay for fuel has a huge impact on how much you’re paying for car transport services.

Car transport companies don’t like having to jack their prices up because carriers are suddenly struggling to pay their overhead, but it’s all part of the way the car transport industry works. With the recent hikes in diesel prices, don’t be surprised if your car shipper calls you up and asks for an additional $50 or $100, as these are typically what carriers will be charging extra in order to make up for the additional overhead costs.

Diesel prices can fluctuate for a number of reasons, and it’s not like gasoline prices aren’t rising either; national average as of this writing is right around $3.61 a gallon, but it’s odd that diesel prices are actually higher than gasoline prices, considering the fact that diesel fuel is much dirtier and costs less in terms of refining and selling it. But it’s in much higher demand, especially considering that most alternative fuel sources are built for personal vehicles and not long-haul trucks; there are few electric engines that can haul around 80,000 pounds worth of carrier and cargo. So, while it’s not fun to have to pay so much, and even less fun when your shipper comes back at you for an additional hundred bones or so, it’s still crucial to a timely car transport experience. So make sure to go with the flow, because your car shipper is likely being pressured by the carrier to get the extra cash that you’re being asked to pay.

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