Door to Door Car TransportDoor to door car transport is widely considered to be the main method of car transport available to customers today. Unlike terminal to terminal car transport, door to door car transport services give you, the customer, a lot more control over your car transport experience and gives you more assurances in terms of the overall transportation of your vehicle. In this helpful article we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of door to door transport and how it compares to the other method of transportation, terminal to terminal car transport.

Door to door car transport is the safest and most secure method of car transportation, as we mentioned, but the reason why is because you’re involved with the loading and unloading process and both you and the driver will conduct an inspection of the vehicle at pickup and again at delivery, to check for any pre-existing damages to the vehicle (at pickup) and to check for any new damages incurred during transport (upon delivery). Door to door is also great for family car transport services, as it’s easier to ship multiple vehicles door to door as well. You don’t really get to do this with terminal to terminal transport, as someone else will be doing the inspection (it is required by law). This can be a problem, especially if your shipping company is less than stellar, because they might try and get around any damages incurred during transport by saying they were present at pickup.

Door to door car transport will typically be a bit more expensive than terminal to terminal transport, but only because it’s safer and more reliable. Terminal to terminal is the cheaper option because you’re not getting as quality a service, simply because with terminal to terminal you’re relying on other people to take care of your vehicle for longer periods, which can be cost prohibitive if you’re not 100% about it going in. Terminal to terminal is great if you’re looking for cheap car transport quotes, in other words. Door to door transport can also be somewhat frustrating because you need to stick around the pickup and delivery locations for sometimes hours waiting for the carrier to arrive. This can cause problems with scheduling, which is why terminal to terminal shipping may be a better option for some customers.

But on the whole, door to door is the preferred method not just for customers, but car transport carriers as well. Terminals are few and far between, on the whole, and few carriers actually like picking up from terminals. Typically they’ll book door to door transports first, and then look for loads at terminals if they’re trying to fill up their truck last-minute. This is another reason why door to door is considered standard: more carriers are available to pickup door to door customers, which means quicker pickup times and lower prices on the whole.

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