Fast Car TransportCustomers that are searching for fast auto transport services, or a company that can offer quicker-than-usual car transport times, often don’t understand how the car transport industry works, which can be a problem if you’re search for fast car transport is being conducted at the last minute. In this helpful article we’ll discuss a bit about what the term “fast car transport” means in the context of vehicle transport times, as well as how can you make the best of the fast car transport services that are available in the car shipping industry today.

For starters, fast car transport services don’t imply that your vehicle will arrive any faster than normal after it is picked up. Transport times – i.e., the time it takes the carrier to physically transport your vehicle from pickup to delivery – are static; no matter who you book with, it’s going to take a minimum of ten days to get from New York City to Los Angeles, because it’s mandated by federal law that car transport carriers (and, truly, all logistics carriers, not just car transporters) can only travel so far or for so many hours per day. So they’re limited in how far they can travel, which in turn makes it take longer. For a 3,000+ mile transport, factoring in all the other pickups and deliveries along the way, cross-country car transport services can take up to two weeks. And that’s just how it is.

Fast car transport services, to most people with some knowledge of the car shipping industry, actually refers to how quickly the vehicle will be picked up after being booked. For example, say you book your transportation from Alabama to Washington with a company on a Monday. A company that provides fast car transport services, also known as expedited transportation, will have your vehicle picked up by Wednesday. But they can’t have your vehicle there in that same time, because no truck can go that far that fast. Does that make sense?

So the term fast car transport refers to the pickup time from the point of booking. Most car transport companies, when they book an order, will give you the standard pickup window – if there are any factors that will change the length of said window, they’ll let you know, but on the whole standard pickup windows are typically one to seven days from date of booking. Fast car transport services will shrink that window to 24 to 48 hours, typically, though there is one small caveat: the price goes up considerably. Yes, fast car transport services will cost more, typically between 35 and 50 percent more than standard auto transport pickup times. This differs from guaranteed car transport services too.

This is because of the way the industry is; carriers and brokers mediate the price, and they offset each other and keep things fair and balanced for customers. But that’s for standard pickup windows; fast car transport, or expedited shipping, as it is more commonly known, puts carriers out of sorts usually because more often than not they have to rearrange their schedules, which they normally set a week or so ahead of time. Hence the higher price – the carriers need incentive to do that extra work. Sometimes you can find a carrier within 48 hours with just a standard pickup window, that 1-7 day window we mentioned, but that’s pretty rare and is not generally relied upon if you’re in a rush. With fast car transport, door to door car transport services are generally recommended, as they will be easier for your shipper to find than terminal to terminal car transport services.

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