Guaranteed Car TransportIn the car transport industry, the term “guaranteed” is rather subjective, and depends very much on what exactly you’re referring to. Are you talking about guaranteed car transport prices, or perhaps a guaranteed pickup date? Maybe you need your vehicle to arrive on a specific day, and are looking for a guarantee for that. There are lots of guarantees that car shippers can make to try and convince you to book your shipment with them, but not all of them can follow through in the manner that they imply. In this helpful article we’ll discuss some of the more common misconceptions about guaranteed vehicle shipping services and tell you the truth about the meaning of the word as it relates to the car shipping industry.

We’ll start with guaranteed pickup dates. Many companies can offer a guarantee in terms of when your vehicle will be picked up, but what they don’t tell you is that it may not necessarily be with a car transport carrier – yet. Many customers, especially first-time shippers, need their vehicle out of their hair by a specific date. Now normally any car transport company would recommend booking your shipment a week to ten days before the date you need your vehicle picked up, to allow for plenty of time to find a carrier to move it for you. But some customers wait until the day before, or two days before, which is hardly enough time to get your order booked and even start trying to dispatch your order to a carrier, let alone get one to pick it up.

Instead, what car shippers will do to guarantee your vehicle gets picked up is actually dispatch your pickup to a local towing company, or a regional car shipper, who will then transport your vehicle to what essentially is a storage facility where it will wait to be picked up by a nationwide carrier. This is more common than you think, and truly the only car transport service┬áthat involves pickup time. You can also pay for expedited transportation, which can cost half as much again as your initial quote; if you go that route, your vehicle will most likely be picked up within a 48 hour window because of the much higher price, but that’s not always guaranteed.

When it comes to car transport rates, guaranteed car transport prices can be even harder to find. Typically car shippers will guarantee their quotes for no more than two weeks from the date issued, because prices change rapidly in the car shipping industry. External factors such as weather, traffic conditions, mechanical issues, and many more can alter car shipping prices, and as such most car transporters won’t guarantee their quotes for too long a time. Two weeks is the accepted industry standard, and some can go as far out as a month, but rarely any further.

Regardless of what type of guarantee you’re looking for, though, we here at Car Transport Express can do our best to get you what you need. Whether you’re looking for a guaranteed price that won’t change, or guaranteed pickup services, we can help you out. Simply fill out our free online quote request form if you’d like, or you can go ahead and call our toll-free telephone number yourself and speak to one of our friendly and helpful car transport agents. Either way, you’ll be in good hands with Car Transport Express.