Motorcycle Transport ServicesAlmost every company that provides vehicle shipping services provide transportation for motorcycles. Whether you’re shipping a racing bike, a nice custom chopper, or something else, we here at Car Transport Express can probably ship it thanks to our awesome motorcycle transport services. But we believe in preparing you, the customer, for what you’ll come across during your motorcycle transport experience, so in this helpful article we’ll detail the most important aspects of motorcycle transport and how they can affect you.

Motorcycle transport services, on the whole, are cheaper than normal car transport services. This has to do with a couple different things, but most notably it’s the fact that motorcycles are smaller and, as such, they take up less room and weight a lot less than a standard car. Since motorcycles can’t fit on a standard auto transport carrier you may have to wait a few extra days for pickup, as opposed to if you were shipping a regular car, but the drop in price should more than make up for any delays in terms of pickup. There are two main carriers that will ship a motorcycle, either a flatbed auto transport carrier or an enclosed car transport carrier. You should also try and book your motorcycle transportation at least ten days out – we would prefer two weeks, but we understand if it’s a bit sooner. That would give us plenty of time to dispatch your load to a carrier.

Motorcycle transport services also offer more protection during transport than standard auto transport, which is great news if you’re shipping a custom bike that’s really nice and you don’t want anything to ding it or scratch that beautiful paint. Every motorcycle that we transport is loaded into a specialized motorcycle shipping crate designed to protect the bike from damage during transport. It’s not just for safety, though it is an added perk; crating all motorcycles actually makes it easier for auto transporters to fit more onto their trailer at a time safely. They could probably get double that if they didn’t, but the motorcycles themselves would be wedged in there and would probably end up damaged. Crated motorcycles may take up more room, but it’s more organized and ultimately safer, providing more protection while minimizing damage claims.

And when we’re talking about our motorcycle transport services, we’re really referring to anything motorcycle-esque. Racing bikes, dirt bikes, choppers, custom motorcycles, trikes, quads – we can ship just about anything, and most of it will fall under our general motorcycle transport guidelines, which makes it that much easier for you to get a great transport quote for your specific needs.

You can fill out our free online quote request form and get an e-mailed quote in the next hour or so, or you can call us toll-free and speak to one of our live auto shipping representatives who knows all the ins and outs of the industry. Whether you’re shipping a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or anything else, we can help you move it. So fill out our free form, or – better yet – give us a call, and find out what we here at Car Transport Express can do for you and all your vehicle shipping needs.