When it comes to planning your car transport, it’s a good idea to plan it out a few weeks ahead of time, so you give yourself plenty of time to arrange things and make sure that everything goes smoothly during transport. You’ll want to do some research and gather up some quotes about two weeks before you’d like to ship your car; this is important, because the more quotes you get the better idea you have of what the price will be. Prices vary by company, of course, and gathering multiple quotes from different shippers is a great way to go about finding some.

Make sure to look at some reviews of your candidate car transport companies before making a decision, but don’t wait too long; you’ll want to pick a company and book your order around 10 days from when you’re planning on shipping. If you’re planning on booking with us here at Car Transport Express, you should probably call us about a week before you want your vehicle picked up. Planning ahead is important for all parties involved, as the more prepared you are for your transport the easier it will be when the vehicle is actually transported.

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