Terminal to Terminal Car TransportTerminal to terminal car transport is one of those things that a lot of people are interested in, but few customers actually understand the implications therein. Terminal to terminal car transport is not the standard method of shipping a car – that’s actually door to door car transport, which – briefly – is when the carrier that is scheduled to transport your vehicle will pick up your vehicle as close to the address you give them as possible, and deliver to a location as close as possible to your given delivery location. Terminal to terminal car transport, on the other hand, requires you to drop your vehicle off at a terminal, where it will wait until a carrier can pick it up and then transport it to a terminal near the delivery location, where you can then pick it up.

There are some inherent advantages in terminal to terminal car transport, but there are some disadvantages to be found as well. We’ll cover both in this helpful article, and hopefully help you come to an informed decision regarding which method of transportation you would rather use.

Terminal to terminal car transport services can be really useful for people who don’t have the time to sit around and wait for a carrier to pick the vehicle up. One of the most common complaints associated with door to door transport is the fact that oftentimes you’ll need to wait around the pickup/delivery location all day long to receive the vehicle. This can cause havoc with people’s set schedules, especially if they have to work and can’t get time off. Terminal to terminal transport is a good way to get that off your hand – simply drop your vehicle off at the terminal, and you don’t have to wait around for the carrier to pick the vehicle up.

One of the biggest disadvantages to terminal to terminal car transport, however, is the fact that it’s not really that secure. The largest advantage door to door transport has over terminal to terminal is the fact that you are physically there (or someone you trust, if you can’t be at pickup/delivery yourself) to see the vehicle loaded and unloaded. You inspect the vehicle with the driver at pickup and delivery, and you’re involved. With terminal to terminal, it’s not that way. You deliver your vehicle to the terminal your car transport carrier told you to drop it off at, and then you wait. Sometimes it can take upwards of two weeks or more for a carrier to pickup from a terminal, because they simply don’t do it that often.

When dropping your vehicle off at a terminal, make sure that you drop the keys off with an attendant and not in some random drop box, and be sure to follow any instructions your car transport agent gives you to ensure the safest and most secure possible transport. Also make sure to leave nothing in the vehicle, to discourage any theft or vandalism while it’s parked at the terminal. Many terminals are nothing more than open lots, which are not good for security, so be sure to keep it locked (unless specifically told otherwise).